27 - 29 AUGUST 2015

  • Federatia International de Motociclism
  • Federatia Romana de Motociclism
  • Regiment 13 Enduro



Regiment 13 Enduro

Regiment13 Enduro Team a part of the REGIMENT at the ENDUROPANORAMA 2011 competition

some history

About two years ago there were several small enduro crews in Timișoara. Most of us knew each other: we met at enduro competitions, on the motocross track at Șag or on enduro trips.

In the summer of 2010, the heat in Timișoara drove us away to the cool breeze of Poiana Mărului mountains during the weekends. One evening, while some of us gathered for the usual beers and "summary of the day", it was heard for the first time : " would be cool to have an enduro competition around Poiana Mărului..."

These words, that had been just thrown around, caught roots in the minds of everyone: we were the ones to make it happen. Starting from the winter of 2011 things got in motion: 13 enduro riders gathered for the first meeting: the REGIMENT was born! Then the snowball started rolling: weekly meetings, looking for a name, the area of the competition, the logo, t-shirts, posters, rulebook, paperwork...

and some even more ancient history

The name REGIMENT 13 has its origin in the historic Valahian Border Regiment nr.13. Founded by the Austrians in 1767 to defend the border with the Ottoman Empire, the regiment had under its supervision the entire region of the Banat Mountains and was made up of locals, hard mountain men, who had good knowledge of the area, the paths and mountain roads.

During it's over 100 years of existence, the Border Regiment produced over 25 generals and 200 superior officers and fought in many campaigns against the Ottoman Empire and even against Napoleons armies in Italy.

With the disappearance of the Turkish threat in the area, the Regiment faded into history but many locals of the area still call themselves with pride "grăniceri" (border guards).

Today, another kind of regiment roams the same mountains, on the same paths: REGIMENT 13 ENDURO – Timișoara.